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clearly I don't understand anything about defeating trolls

Okay, so we're behind the times, but we just got the Mass Effect trilogy set a couple months ago, and I finished it this morning. I remember the outrage over the ending and I knew a little about it, or at least I was pretty sure I'd be dying at the end, and going into it, I was okay with that.


Really the ending just confused me. I mean, I was trying to choose freedom over either controlling the Reapers or integrating organic/synthetic, because I didn't think either of those choices was what humanity is supposed to be all about. So... that means I failed? I downloaded the free extended ending and everything earlier, but then, nothing. Liara saying we failed, credits, then a lady telling a kid that she'll tell him a story, and then... back to before the final Cerberus assault. So if my choice means I didn't get the extended ending showing how my choice affected the galaxy (which I thought would happen, like, I die, but here's how all the other races/my pals fared in the end), that means we all died?

Because that is f'ing bleak, and if that's what had people pissed off, I totally get it.

And here I'd completed the suicide mission of the second game without losing anyone! I was feeling pretty good about myself!
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