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I've slightly got the next part of HF started. Finally, after three and a half years, we're on the wedding chapter. (I once joked that Will and Kate would get married before Guy and Nat. Now they've gone and had a baby, too. I think if Guy and Nat knew I was going to make them wait so long, they would have said "Screw tradition" and found a dark corner a long time ago.)

The problem I'm having, besides the fact that wedding scenes are generally pretty dull, is that I am not a girly girl and know nothing about clothes or flowers or how to describe them. With Nat's dress and ring, I had a picture in mind and google image searched until I found something close to what I imagined, and then used that as a guideline. But for the bridesmaid dresses, I found a picture like what I want, but I don't know what any of the detailing and neckline and crap like that is called (and the store's site doesn't give any info except fabric), so I guess there's more googling in my future.
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