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the one I finished on the first will have to wait until next month

Oops, three books and two manga in September. I spent more time writing, or pretending to.

Friends Like Us by Lauren Fox
Scatterbrained from mental_floss
The Adventure of Being a Wife by Mrs. Peale

Strobe Edge v3
Strobe Edge v4

When we were visiting my parents, my mom had several bags of books she was getting rid of and said I could go through them. I took The Adventure of Being a Wife because of the inscription. It was published in 1971 and inscribed to my mom from her grandmother, which means it was a gift for her first marriage. I guess that particular adventure wasn't really for her!

There was a bookmark in it about two-thirds the way through, so I don't know if my mom did actually try to read this or if she thought it was bullshit or what.
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