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I'm not indecisive, am I?

Okay, so I don't know if I should:

a. go ahead and start the next chapter of HF

b. finally try to finish my James/Sofia fic


c. write something with D

D's been depressed and anxious lately about not being able to find a job, then his team lost Saturday and he fell into a funk, so I thought I'd distract-slash-cheer him up by telling him that the other night when I couldn't sleep, I thought about writing Gou/Nagisa fic. I told him the idea I was trying to work out, and he said, "Okay, the first part of that, no, but the second part is good. You can do something with that. How about...." And we started brainstorming ideas off each other.

I asked if he would write it with me, and he said yes. He's better at ideas, and he says I'm better at dialogue and banter.

So we might write something together. Just for us, just for fun. I said I might try to get it started.

I don't feel like I know the canon well enough though, and he won't let me watch it again, because he says then it won't feel as fresh when we pull it out in the dreary days of January.
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