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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
so much time, so little to do
Well, I went ahead and posted No One to ff.net to see if I can get some feedback. Maybe I'll try something else for them someday, but I guess I wanted to do something obvious first. It's just easier.

I've done some more work on our Free! story, and it seems writing with D really means that I write and then he goes through and changes everything I did. He's wanting to hit beats earlier than I am, but maybe he's right, because we've got over 2000 words and nothing's even happening. He's better at details but says I have an ear for characters' voices, which, I don't know, I'm writing Nagisa like an overgrown kindergartener, and my Gou is kind of uptight. At least I'm giving in-text reasons why she's acting that way, though. This thing will probably end up a meandering mess, but it's just for our own entertainment.

When I was pulling up No One on my flash drive, I saw an old Guy-Mary sibling ficlet I started years ago and never finished--I don't know why, since it was going to be such a shorty--so maybe I'll get that done next.

Then I need to get back to HF. I haven't figured out how I'm going to start the chapter, so maybe I'll skip ahead to the sex part and then worry about the reception stuff later. There's basically going to be an edited ff.net-friendly version, and then the full-on porn version to my fic journal.

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