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because I don't

We worked on our story a little more, and D pointed out that I was being a little on-the-nose when it came to Rin. He was like, Nagisa knows him, so Gou doesn't have to explain all that, so take the things she's thinking and have her say that instead.

And, he's right, but I've gotten used to kind of over-telling stuff, once I learned that people who don't necessarily follow a series will still read fic for it. Characters shouldn't have to tell each other stuff that they and followers of canon already know.

So it's hard to know when you need to explain something, and when you think, hey, a fan should be familiar with all this. I've had to do that in HF, and just assume everybody knows the canon, so I don't have to answer questions like why was Eugenie labeled a traitor, why would Natalia's claim to her father's throne be challenged, who's Asch and why does Luke have his memories, etc. Otherwise you get bogged down in stuff that shouldn't have to be said.

But since I don't know if anyone but us will read our silly little thing, I should clean it up.
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