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because I've already spent half the story on a single week

Okay, so since I don't do Nano, I think my goals for this month will instead be to finish the next chapter of HF and finish our Free! fic.

I've got about 1300 words of HF, but I started in the middle of the chapter. I've still got to figure out how I'm going to handle the first part. No matter what I do people are going to be disappointed, because the things people have said they want/expect to see are not what I've planned. And then the next chapter will have a three-week jump so I can get back to the subplot.

We've kind of figured out where our Free! story is going, or how it's going to end, anyway (I told D that I usually like to decide how something is going to end before I start so that I know what I'm working toward instead of just randomly writing stuff hoping a good stopping point eventually makes itself evident), but we don't have a title. I want to call it "Nagisa and the Real Girl", but I have this bad feeling D's going to want to do some kind of swimming/water pun. NO PUNS. Well, no good puns. I only like bad puns.
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