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not very

It took him over a year, but D finally finished what there is of HF.

D: Okay, where's the next chapter?
Me: Um, it's not going so good.
D: I'm going to join the hordes of people on the internet yelling at you to write faster.
Me: What hordes? There's like eight people reading this.
D: Nine.

He also promised me that we could rewatch Free! during the long days of winter. Well, winter's almost over and he still hasn't let me rewatch it. I told him I need to in order to get inspiration to finish our fic. You know, the one we were supposed to be writing together but somehow became my responsibility and my fault for being unfinished. He's like, "What, I thought it was almost done, don't you just have to tie a bow on it?" Which is why I hate writing. Everyone assumes it's so easy, but it's really, really difficult for me, and I don't actually enjoy it.

I'm also distracted by trying to write Syaoran/Tomoyo for My Other Valentine, but the only way I can make it work is by killing Sakura, which isn't fluffy or happy. I may do it anyway. I don't know.
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