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also, who cleans listening to the Smiths?

So we're cleaning, getting ready for our company.

And I love my husband, I do, but I hate cleaning with him, because he just makes more work. I'm picking up, putting stray books on shelves. He's taking books from one shelf and putting them on another shelf. The books just need to be put away! It doesn't matter it all the manga is in one bookcase or if it's scattered about. If you want it all organized by series, that's something that can be done another day.

And he's going through bank statements in the closet. They're in the closet! Shut the door and no one cares! We can sort them another time!

On top of cleaning our bathroom, he wanted me to clean out the cabinets.

Okay, this one needed to be done, although not right now for company.

But buried in the back of the cabinets were magazines from the year 2000. Some of these aren't even published anymore, like Premiere and McCalls!

I did enjoy reading the McCalls cover story of how devoted Tom Cruise is to his marriage. To Nicole Kidman.
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