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disney junior is serious business - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
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disney junior is serious business
D's worked the past two Fridays, so when he was leaving this morning he said, "Guess I'm going to miss another new episode of Sofia, huh?" But I looked and the next new one isn't until next week, and... oh, lordy.

"Mom's the Word"
April 25, 2014
Sofia gets disheartened when she has to share her mom with Amber and James during the annual Mother's Day picnic, so she asks good witch Lucinda to cast a spell so she and her mom can be alone.

First of all, hey Sof? Their mom is DEAD. Also, they share their dad with you. He made you a damn princess, and gave you the Amulet of Avalor, which, I'm sorry, should have been Amber's. (And does this mean we'll finally get some canon info on the twins' mother? I needs it.)

Second of all, no one on this show ever learns their lesson, do they? "I'm unhappy with XYZ situation, so I'll have someone cast a spell." THAT ALWAYS WORKS AMIRITE? Well, she's smart enough not to ask Cedric, so... progress?

At least they're bringing back Lucinda. I wasn't a huge fan of her episode, mainly because Jade was treated like the asshole for not wanting someone who played mean pranks to come to her party, but it's good that they've been reintroducing what could have been one-off characters. Miss Nettle is back as a Big Bad of sorts (well, in terms of what would be a "Big Bad" on a little kids' show like this), Hugo was made more sympathetic (ugh), and from the opening sequence it looks like we'll be seeing Desmond again. I might ship him with Vivian a little.

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