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not all milestones are worth marking - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
not all milestones are worth marking
You know, I'm generally not one of those people who makes a deal of my birthday, but D jokes that I don't have a birth day, I have a birthday season, because of the way stuff trickles in over a month or so. I get lots of free offers from restaurants, so I go get my free quesadilla from Moe's, my free yogurt from Yogurt Mountain, my free burger at Johnny Rockets, and so on.

My mom, dad, and D's mom all called me on the day, and I got cards from my parents and my grandma. My sister emailed me on the day and said sorry she hadn't sent an actual card, but she wanted to acknowledge the big one. When we saw D's mom this past Sunday for Easter, she gave me my card and present then, so yeah, stuff trickles in.

But it's now two weeks later, and I'd had nothing from my youngest sister. Today there was an email from her, but it turned out to be some sort of spam generated by her aol account.

I know better than to expect anything from her. She lives in her own little world. But still, you know?

Oh, she's the one who gave me and D guilt because we weren't going on that cruise for my mom's 60th, remember that? I said it was a bad time for us, and too bad the trip wasn't planned for later so we could go, and she said but it was soooo important that we all be together ~on the day~, instead of when we could actually come. So yeah.

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