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someone open up a door and let me out of this place - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
someone open up a door and let me out of this place
I worked a little on HF today--key words "a little"--but, hey, it's something. So for the eight people reading, I haven't given up. It's just that poor Natalia is being crushed by a wall of text, but I need to power through it so she can finally get laid.

D and I also discussed our Gou/Nagisa fic the other day because he's anxious for me to finish it (and has given me a deadline of the new season starting, because seriously), and because he wants us to start something new/original together.

Then I want to explore that Syaoran/Tomoyo idea, and have James and Amber talk about their mom, so those are lower on my priority list.

And then there's an idea for Peony/Anise that jumped into my brain and won't leave. It's not even an idea so much as a line:

"Do you know the things I've done?" Her tone was matter-of-fact, her smile wry. "I'm not some innocent little girl. I've never been some innocent little girl."

Why does Guy/Anise weird me out but Peony/Anise make so much sense, even with him old enough to be her father? This would fit the HF timeline, though, so she'd be 19/20.


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