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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
see you next water time
Gah, D won't let me watch the first episode of Eternal Summer until tonight (why is he so meeeean), which is just as well because we're having work done in the house today, but, DAMMIT I NEED MY BOYS (AND GOU).

In honor and anticipation of the new season, I've got our Free! Drinking Game ready. It's based on the first season and subject to change should they no longer exhibit any of these established character traits.


... if Mako makes doe-eyes at Haru (warning to lightweights--limit this to twice per episode)
... if Rin cries
... if Haru whips his hair
... if Nagisa eats like he's never seen food before
... if Gou orgasms over looking at muscles
... if Rei OCDs about calculations
... if Ama-chan offers a quote that may or may not be relevant


... if there's a flashback to Jim Henson's Free! Babies
... if Mako is scared by ghosts/stories
... if Rin snaps his goggles
... if Haru strips at the sight of water
... if Nagisa does an impression
... if Gou texts/emails Rin
... if Rei claims to have mastered the theory of _________
... if someone discovers Ama-chan's secret


... if Haru smiles
... if Rin and Gou actually speak to each other
... if you find yourself shouting at Rin and Haru to "Just make out already", despite not being a shipper

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