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choose your wishes well - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
choose your wishes well
Ooh, actual intrigue on the new Sofia!

Amber finds a wishing well that grants three wishes. First she wishes for a new tiara (oh, Amber). Then wishes for something that doesn't turn out how she meant (oh, Amber). Then uses her last wish to try to undo it, but again chooses her words poorly (oh, AMBER).

Time for Daddy to come to the rescue.

Roland says he hasn't seen the old wishing well in a long time. It recognizes him and says he has two wishes left. Roland wished for something before that turned out wrong, but only tells Amber that's a story for another time. Okay, Ted Mosby. He chooses his words carefully to finally undo Amber's mistake. Roland has one wish left, but they all walk away.


My sarcastic guess was, "Well, I wished that your mother would stop bothering me, and she dropped dead."

I do hope that it had something to do with the twins' mother. WE KNOW NOTHING.

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