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have I mentioned I hate writing?

Last night I was complaining that I've already hit a wall with my Rin/Miho fic, because I don't really have an ending in mind to work toward, and D said the words all writers hate: "What's the problem? It should just write itself."

Then you &$#%^#@ write it, then.

He talked me into pretty much abandoning my whole set up (but keep her motivation/backstory) and going at it from a different angle.

It's not what I wanted to do, but he's probably right.

(I need a Rin icon, btw).

In my frustration yesterday, though, I wrote about 700 words of a new Gou/Nagisa fic. Probably won't finish it, but I wanted to feel like I was doing something.

Geez, am I ever going to get back to HF? I have the next chapter outlined, but........
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