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run Haru run

Episode Three, Hereafter Known as "In Which I Really Love Haru".

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Oh, Haru-chan, we are the same, aren't we? Except I'm not actually good at anything.

 photo 5486d02f-0711-4a2e-8e49-a92af1da721d.jpg

I'm guessing this was Gou's idea.

 photo 62884b2e-9761-4247-bab4-391d4c5816d2.jpg

Not so fast, young man.

If last season was based on Rin's character arc (and man, is it weird seeing Rin so calm and normal now), then I guess this will be about Haru's future--we've already had three conversations in three episodes about what Haru's going to do. He just wants to swim, people.

I loved that he acknowledged what Rei had done for him and Rin. Take that, New Guy--you really don't know what's been happening around here.

Other favorite bits:

 photo 1681681c-da7a-4666-a455-8acd540aa4a8.jpg

omg, when will Gou and Nagisa realize how similar they are and how adorable they'd be? And Gou's characterization was much stronger in this episode. Thank you for that.

 photo 9a72d9ba-506c-4044-9ecf-f8b6364d2759.jpg

and omg, Rin-Rei friendship is the greatest thing. I'd figured out Rei was practicing in secret but not where (I thought maybe Sasabe was covering for him?), so when this was revealed I just said, "I love this show SO MUCH!"

Oh, gosh, and there's no good non-pervy cap for it, but when Mikoshiba Jr was checking out Rin's chest and Rin was all, "Dude, my eyes are up here", I just lost it.
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