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I need to keep a running list of everything that f'ing broke this year. The pipe in the kitchen, D's shoulder, the garbage disposal, the air conditioner, and now, my laptop.

It crashed last week, and D tried everything he knew to fix it. We even ordered a part from Dell (and at least it was only a couple dollars, no shipping charge, so we're not out much). By some weird fluke he got it working long enough to transfer my writing, my music, and some of my pictures to the external hard drive. But then it crashed again and nothing could get it working. D took it completely apart, kept my hard drive, and tossed the rest.

So I am computerless. He says I can use his laptop, but I'm scared I'm a jinx now.

Mine was seven years old, so it was almost time to upgrade, but with everything else this year, we just didn't want to take on the expense yet. Well, so much for that. We've done some online window shopping and will go out tomorrow to see what's in stores, but...... ugh. I really did not want Windows 8. Especially since I had Vista all this time. I'm on the wrong upgrade cycle.

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