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for the team

Sousuke: Don't cry.
Rin: I'm not.
Me: Oh, sweetie. Drink!

We got a goggle-snap, too!

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You know, Rin's "I need the team" versus Sousuke's "I'm in the water alone" philosophies reminded me of Buffy and Kendra's different approaches to slaying. That's right, I just compared Rin to Buffy. I can compare anything to Buffy! (Does that mean Sousuke will get his throat slit by a crazy-ass vampire? Sorry, kid, I may like you a little more now, but you're still in the Kill slot of Kill Shag Marry.)

I appreciate that they're trying to fill out the backstory here and explain why they fell out of touch, but seriously? You kids were still writing actual letters in like 2009? I wrote letters when I went away to school, but that's because it was 1992. And even then, after the first year, I dropped out of touch with my old high school friends. But you all should have had email and shit! What were you doing waiting by the mailbox?

(Oh, and has Sousuke ever won at rock-paper-scissors? Either he always throws the same thing or Rin is a cheating bastard.)

 photo 1858cf97-e432-4aa2-846e-f0e3665d0f4a.jpg

Hey, was this a mom sighting? Are we ever going to meet mom? Because you know, I would like more depth on the family front for Rin. Even when we see him talk to Gou, there's no depth there from his side. I mean, I'm glad we don't have the cliched overprotective big brother with a sister complex thing, but you're too far in the other direction. You seem more annoyed with Junior in general than the fact that he's aggressively hitting on your kinda-creeped-out sister right in front of you.

And when I said I wanted more interaction with Nagisa, I mean in present day, not flashbacks. Can you guys have an actual conversation at some point, please?

 photo 34d52809-9844-4f41-b47b-7ddb786f8edc.jpg

And, Rin, sweetie, this was a little too dreamy and romantic, even for you. Don't encourage the shippers!

Speaking of:

 photo a2dd2085-0da6-4690-a66c-599a27b2a554.jpg

Is there such a thing as a Gou-Rei shipper? Oh, falling in love is so illogical! That's what makes it fun! Do you think I would've picked someone in another state who I only got to see every two months if logic had anything to do with it?

I did love that she chose the sweet-flavored protein powders, knowing that was how to get Nagisa on board. Yes, don't encourage the shippers, except for me. Encourage me! I will see it where I can get it. (What are they going to be doing with him next week? Please, no angsty!Nagisa. He's my sweet little goof.)
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