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Geez, I need to write but I can't get motivated.

There's my Rin/Miho thing which I love the idea of but the execution isn't working because I feel like all I'm doing is set up, and while I thought D had a good point about her actually witnessing his failure to give her context instead of my initial idea of her just coming across him in mid-brood.... I think if I ever got to them actually talking, there's something interesting there, and how as a result of saying things out loud, they each quit what they're doing because they're both so unhappy, and.... actually, it's probably more than I really want to take on as a one-shot that no one would ever read anyway.

And I need to get moving on the next part of HF. I've got the outline, but something's still got me stymied.

I started that Gou/Nagisa thing as a lark because I wanted to do something fun, but even that can't seem to go how I want it.

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