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canned mackerel though

And so I continue to really love me some Haru. Sometimes I think he's the most sensible one--keeping Ama-chan on standby was a smart move: "Let us guys have a minute, but we're going to need an actual grown-up at some point." (But if you want the reveal to be a surprise, maybe don't show us her car?)

But Haru is Haru, and so:

 photo bc5f9c3d-5916-47ef-a80f-8ba1404f4f26.jpg

"Nagisa can live with me forever, because canned mackerel."

Nagisa, you can come live with me, sweetheart, and I'll be your new mom, and you can swim and have all the sugar bread you want, no matter what mean old Gou-chan says.

 photo 89f7354b-cc74-4dc7-a91f-8f5a3f172fc9.jpg

Hey, it's Tohru! Actually my first thought was he'd finally had enough of his sisters, but it turned out they just gave him kind of a cliched overbearing parents story. It felt like giving Nagisa drama for the sake of giving Nagisa drama, and not that it contradicted anything we knew, but... I don't know, just kind of unnecessary. Don't make my Nagisa sad! And it was all resolved neatly offscreen without us ever even getting to meet his family, so whatever. I know the point was to give the boys a chance to rally around him, so I did love that, because for me this show is all about the friendship. And Rei's right, Nagisa is not one to give up like Rin.

Speaking of, not enough Matsuoka siblings in this one for me. I know the Rin-haters were probably happy for the break, but this would have been a good opportunity for that Rin-Nagisa interaction I've so desperately wanted. I know he's got enough on his plate and all, but still.

 photo 6d1819d5-31eb-4261-a856-7b49f5a15867.jpg

I do think it's hilarious that he's so damn hot the other guys can't stop checking him out. (Seriously, Sousuke, are you in love with him or what? No wonder you have a problem with Haru.)

 photo f7757764-e07c-4389-8c6b-2d911b35b61c.jpg

Oh, and I would read the hell out of this fic, with Gou as his plucky partner/sidekick.
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