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fresh summer boy


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How completely adorable, Mako should totally work with kids, it's so perfect I don't know why I never thought of it. And in real life I can't stand kids, but all the kids on this show are always so dang cute and sweet.

D: Oh, so you love Mako now?
Me: I've always loved Mako. Mako's the one you marry.

(Hey, I thought Goro said he didn't reopen the club just to give you guys jobs.)

But only five seconds of Rin, in the shadows and fully clothed? WHAT THE HELL, SHOW?

Aw, Nitori's working so hard. Who knew I'd end up liking Nitori this much?

I continue to love on Haru. Plus we both have Resting Bitch Face.

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"Dude, don't touch me."

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"For real, do not touch me."

So we left off last week like Gou was going to learn stuff, but instead we passed off a couple of lines of exposition to some guy we just met. Not all of us have access to the novels, dammit!
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