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just can't turn and walk away - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
just can't turn and walk away
I never could come up with a good ending for this, so it just... ends. This drabble dribbles.

Title: Perspective
Series: Barakamon
Length: 400 words
Prompt: Handa, Miwa, Tamako; shoujo manga

The sight was becoming too familiar yet no less annoying. He stood in the doorway and sighed.

Meanwhile, Miwa didn’t bother glancing up. She never did. She could tell by the way Sensei opened the door what sort of mood he was in. Only when he was in an abject state of anger or despair would the girls collect their things and leave him alone.

These moods didn’t come often, and his bark was nearly always worse than his bite. He had no bite. A nip, maybe, but not a bite.

So she and Tamako continued reading their manga without acknowledging his disapproving stance or the way he ran a frustrated hand through his thick hair. “You guys can’t just keep….” The words trailed off; he knew protesting was useless.

Miwa reached into her chip bag and found it empty. She crumpled it into a ball and licked the greasy crumbs from her fingers before pulling a fresh bag open, and her elbow knocked the old bag to the floor.

When it looked like she was going to pick it up like a respectable person, she instead wiped her damp fingers against her shorts.

“Hey.” Sensei walked over to her, his shadow stretching across the table and blocking her light. His foot prodded her leg. “Don’t just throw trash around other people’s houses.”

She turned the page of her book with one hand, and the other held an empty shopping bag out to him.

There was a pause, a muttered expletive, then he yanked the bag out of her hand and deposited the trash inside. “I swear, tomorrow I’m changing the locks.” If only he thought that would make a difference.

“You know, Sensei, you’ll never be the hero of a shoujo manga with that attitude,” Tamako said. Not that she’d been outlining any such thing. Whenever she’d tried, the heroine somehow turned into a second boy.

“Why would I want to be?” he asked as he circled the room, collecting discarded candy wrappers and a juice can that dribbled orange stickiness over his fingers. Geez, these kids.

“Plus he’s too old to be the hero,” Miwa said. “He’d hafta be the heroine’s dad.”

“I’m not that old,” he argued.

“Or the creepy old teacher,” she added.

“Or the creepy old neighbor,” Tamako suggested, and Miwa gave an enthusiastic nod to that.

“And why do I have to be creepy?”

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1 pathetic excuse or justify your existence
cal_reflector From: cal_reflector Date: September 4th, 2014 03:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Hahaha, oh Miwa, she'll never be the heroine of a shoujou manga if she's wiping her hands on her butt. Tama's outline is hilarious.

To make things easy next time I'll request smut; the genre has the advantage of a definite ending.
1 pathetic excuse or justify your existence