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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
it's not regionals until Rin cries
D's favorite moment was, naturally, chibi!Gou.

 photo d9fd254c-a275-4c4a-b73f-5dda4cfc9bb1.jpg

I've stayed the heck out of this fandom for a lot of reasons, but does anyone ship Sousuke/Gou? I don't, let's make that clear, but I wonder.

 photo a5b134c8-e54b-4a3e-bae8-21efcfec2550.jpg

Dang, Haru was like an old lady camped out on that bench. D said, "I'm going to rename them the Eavesdropping Club."

I always feel like Rin's about five seconds away from making out with whoever he's pissed at.

Sousuke lied about being scouted. I KNEW IT.

"I didn't tell you because then you'd cry." Hahahahaha, I know this was a serious moment, but IT'S TRUE.

D: So you like Sousuke now?
Me: Yeah, but he's still in the Kill slot of Kill Shag Marry.
D: ....

I don't know how the pacing could have been better given all the characters and the fact that we really wanted to focus on Iwatobi (hell, I'm pissed we didn't see Nagisa's race, even if he didn't make it), but I do kinda feel like we wasted a lot of time with Sousuke being Sulky McPoutypants when we maybe should have been let in on this sooner. His brooding silence would have made more sense, I guess, instead of just being annoying for so long.

And I guess I'm okay with the way he was pasted into last year's regionals. At least he did see Rin's meltdown and recovery, but getting bitchy with Haru over it still bugs me.

 photo e2037c11-f94b-47cc-81e1-98decd5ab5f6.jpg

Nitori talking smack, I love it. No matter how much time he spent working, though, I don't think he should be able to beat Nagisa.

Man, everybody talking about last year's relay and how they were inspired by it, D was like,"That relay is now famous." It's LEGENDARY.

(Hey, Rin, do you realize it took you seven episodes to come up with the same team you had at Sprashu Fes?)

**Hey, something just occurred to me: for Sprashu Fes, before they drug Momo Kyun Dork into it, Sousuke offered to swim two legs of the relay. How the hell did he think he was going to pull that off with a bum shoulder?

You know, a fictional relay should not make me so tense. We were both rooting for Makoto not to screw up the entry again and Nagisa to make the exchange, and in the last leg, I just....

 photo 3d1055f6-d0e1-499b-bc64-e842d5e674b5.jpg

.... Rin, I love you, but you can't beat Haru.

 photo 91c9fd06-3890-4587-a179-8d0a96355084.jpg

Who do you root for, Gou, your team or your brother? Who do you root for, Miho, your team or your secret lovah?

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Sometimes I think the greatest thing in the world would be a hug from Nagisa.

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