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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
bad idea jeans
A few years ago I gave myself a writing challenge, to complete one of the theme sets from the dead 13drabbles community by the end of the year. I managed to do it, so despite the fact that I really need to be getting the next chapter of HF done and figure out whether the heck my Rin/Miho thing is going anywhere, I feel like I've really fallen down on the writing front this year, and this should force me to put something out there.

So here is a link to the theme sets. If anyone would like to do this with me, it could be a fun little diversion. There are no rules other than to write 13 fics using one set of these prompts by December 31st.

This time I've chosen the beta theme set:

#1 - Butterflies
#2 - Groceries
#3 - Waves
#4 - Mystery
#5 - Board Games
#6 - Winter
#7 - Sensitive
#8 - Darkness
#9 - Quiet Time
#10 - Kittens
#11 - Trains
#12 - Road trip
# 13 - Gravestone

(I'll admit to cheating a little bit--I've been considering this for a couple of days now, wondering if I wanted to commit, but last night when I couldn't sleep, I started working one out in my head, so I kinda have a head start. Hey, it's my challenge.)

Current Mood: determined determined
Current Music: give me one reason--tracy chapman

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