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the implications of diving in too deep

omg other students acknowledged the swim club!

 photo 868fe257-e1a3-4d2d-9786-14c04187b4e4.jpg

Including cute girls! The one on the right kinda looks like the one I've shipped with Rei, although her bangs are different. Maybe they've grown out since episode three. That's what I'm going with.

Ama-chan was a star in this one. "Why don't we just watch over him patiently?" This is why I love you, Miho. You get it. You can't talk this thing to death. You have to leave him alone.

 photo 5c30cdde-5183-4b12-bc5f-cdaff30101b4.jpg

And this is why we love Gou. Look at the level of detail. This girl does not miss a thing.

 photo 0753dc27-e07c-47d7-82aa-e4f9abe31d7e.jpg

Sousuke, haven't you seen your 80s movies? You've got to pop that collar if you're going to call someone out like this. (And why are Samezuka's colors black and pink? Like Victoria's Secret.)

D's been having trouble with his shoulder this week, thinking he pulled something funny when doing his exercises, so I've been calling him Sousuke. It's even the same shoulder!

 photo 12ab6251-7c18-4ad6-862d-0ed185248652.jpg

My poor Haru actually looked happy (for Haru) about going to the fireworks, and then he got f'ing ambushed. You know what, guys? I love that you love Haru and that you're looking out for him, but this is all too much. When you're internal like we are, we don't want to be talked at and talked at and talked at, because this is eventually what happens. Well, in my case, I burst into tears, and Haru just loses it.

Makoto, I love you, but you should know your boy better than this. All these years you've been the Haru Whisperer. You should know how he's wired. But now that you've said your piece, you need to back. the fuck. off.

And then there's that jarring juxtaposition with the emotional end of the episode and the kick into the peppy song, and I'm sitting there with teary eyes going, "They can't end it like that! I can't let that be the last thing until next week."

And then.... My hero.

 photo e288612e-646f-49a1-a33e-44fabf9339a0.jpg

"Put some pants on, Haru, we're going to Australia." OH HELL YES.

Was Rin's ticket really from "James Brown"? Haha, it's hot in the hot tub indeed.
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