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I only sim free

D was soooo offended by my stating that the K-ON girls were less mature than the Free boys, so I told him I would install Sims 3 on my new computer, make a house of Free boys and a house of K-ON girls (plus Gou), then take my hands off and see how they got on.

At first, putting them all together was like watching a seventh grade dance. They'd all just sort of stand around. Not much talking. Mio or Azusa would start playing the guitar, and everyone would just watch or dance awkwardly.

As D predicted, Rei and Azusa were into each other, although when I wasn't looking, she got herself a townie boyfriend, so I had to break that up. In the meantime, she kept sending Rei love letters and presents. D was so happy, though: "They'd have beautiful dark-haired OCD type 2 babies."

I gave all the boys the "Athletic" and "Loves to Swim" traits and built them a pool at their house, so if you don't give them something to do, they'll work out or want to swim. This is important, because Rin had maxed out his Athletic skill and worked out like it was his job, but then somehow got fat, including a negative Moodlet that was set to last two days. I was like, wtf, then I remembered he'd been abducted by aliens, and he ended up having an alien rape baby. I've been playing this game for years, and that's the first time I've ever gotten pregnant from an alien abduction. When given the choice to raise it or send it back to its homeland, I sent it back.

 photo Ohys-RawsFreeEternalSummer-04resize.jpg

Does he look like he has the first clue how to raise an alien baby?

I did wonder if it was because they were eating too many carbs, though. I'd forgotten how carb-heavy all the low-skill cooking recipes are. Haru does most of the cooking, but their fridge is full of pancakes, waffles, and mac and cheese. Guys, maybe don't let Nagisa do all the shopping, okay?

(Oh, I gave all the boys their Future Fish jobs, because I'm a dork like that.)

Despite the seventh grade awkwardness, the girls do call the boys a lot and ask them out. Both Mugi and Ritsu asked Momo out, then they both stood him up. This game is making me feel sorry for stupid Momo!

Gou hedged her bets by showing interest in both Mako and Haru. Haru, surprisingly, was into her. Okay then!

My favorite thing might be that as a firefighter, Mako can use that to pick up girls. One of the flirt options is literally to say, "I'm a firefighter!" Dude, you've only fought like one fire, though. You basically just hang out at the station watching TV.
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