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can't you hear the thunder

Okay, so Australia!Rin was even more adorkable than I'd hoped.

It was like someone said, "How can we make L love him even more?"

 photo Leopard-RawsFree-EternalSummer-12RAWresize4.jpg

 photo Leopard-RawsFree-EternalSummer-12RAWresize5.jpg

"I know, let's have him bond with a dog." Gahhhh, so cute.

Poor Haru, what a weird feeling having these sweet people know all about him and talking about him, and he only caught like ten percent of it. And I know Haru's face is Haru's face and he can't do anything about that, but whenever someone spoke English at him and he just gave back that look like "What the f is wrong with you white people?" it cracked me up.

"Oh, Rin talks about you all the time and admires you and wants to be like you and thinks you're the greatest ever."

"What's she saying?"

"Nothing, I'm not telling you that shit."

 photo Leopard-RawsFree-EternalSummer-12RAWresize3.jpg

If there was any doubt this episode was for the shippers. "Look, lady, what makes you think two hot guys with a complicated friendship want to share a bed?" (Meanwhile, over in Barakamon, Tama's head explodes.)

 photo Leopard-RawsFree-EternalSummer-12RAWresize2.jpg

That was for the shippers, and this is for me. I love how evading the girlfriend questions leaves options open for shippers of all stripes, but it is a damn shame that a boy this fine isn't getting laid regularly. If I were seventeen and you know, animated, I'd jump on him like a pogo stick.

 photo Leopard-RawsFree-EternalSummer-12RAWMX1280x720x264AACresize1.jpg

And Haru gets his groove back. I know I'm especially hormonal right now, but I swear this show did not make me cry this much last year.

Maybe because I know it's almost over. I don't know what I'm going to do without these boys. I love them so much.
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