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We've been doing some serious decluttering in the house the last couple of weeks, cleaning out closets, pulling everything out, taking stuff to Salvation Army or just chucking it in the trash.

I had about three boxes of manga that I've been meaning for years to put on Ebay and never got around to.

Now we just got an email from the used bookstore saying this weekend only, they'll give double credit for graphic novels and manga.

It sure will save me some trouble, even if it doesn't net me as much, at least that stuff will be out of here once and for all.

(D was like, "Well, here's where all our money went." Hey, I read them! Some were first volumes I didn't feel compelled to continue, some were complete series that I enjoyed but don't find all that keep-worthy. Our bookshelves are double-stacked as it is, and we just can't keep this stuff in perpetuity. We do not have the room.)

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