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try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

So all the boys on this show are good-looking, but I've long held that Rin is the hot one.

 photo 13resize8.jpg

But then:

 photo 13resize11.jpg


D: I have never heard you make the sound you made for Mako wearing glasses.
Me: I was just like, "Whaaaa?"
D: I guess I know what's being screencapped tomorrow.

As an adult, yes, I'd go full cougartown on Rin, but if I were six years old and taking swim lessons? I'd be sooooo in love with Mako.

 photo 13resize1.jpg

And this may be the most adorable Nagisa's ever looked. I still want a Nagisa hug more than anything. Seriously, kid, if you ever need a new mom, call me. (I told D I could almost crossover-ship him with Sally-chan from Hanayamata since they were given the exact same backstory. D said, "..... You just blew my mind.")

 photo 13resize6.jpg

Oh, Rei, as Scarlett once said, I can stand everyone's tears but yours. For all that logic, you've got a romantic soul in there. I'm still shipping you with the girl from episode 3.

 photo 13resize2.jpg

And Haru gets in his box, but at least he does so willingly.

 photo 13resize3.jpg

This went exactly as I'd hoped it would. Marriage is all about communication, you guys. Don't yell, don't judge, just talk and listen.

 photo 13resize4.jpg

My little shipper heart loved this. For as not-a-couple as they are, they do sit/stand next to each other a lot. I think D's right: this is a stealth canon ship.

 photo 13resize5.jpg

And come on, when he orders everything on the menu, she glares at him the way only a girlfriend could.

 photo 13resize7.jpg

Hmm, I recognize the Tachibana family on the right there, the sweetest family ever. So I'm guessing the other two are Haru's parents. How nice of you to finally show up once your son's identity crisis has passed. Do you even know that he had to go to another continent and sleep with Rin to figure things out? Yeah, I'll say that again for you: HE WENT TO ANOTHER CONTINENT.

 photo 13resize10.jpg

Rin finally got to swim in his pool of cherry blossoms. That made me so happy, I can't even say.

I know I'm a total fangirl, but I think his character arc through the two seasons was just fantastically done. I loved the symmetry of how last year, Rei and Haru had to help him, and this year, he helped them.

 photo 13resize9.jpg

Oh, and the editing was kind of weird here, but.... so this was the third-year sendoff tradition at Samezuka, like we saw in the first episode this year, right? And so Gou's there, sure, to see her brother I'd imagine, but why is Miho there? Show, you're making it really hard for me to not think there's supposed to be something there, even if it is just that she appreciates Rin's arms as much as I do.

Aw, Nitori makes captain. Being a dogged Rin fanboy pays off!

 photo 13resize12.jpg

Speaking of things that made me inordinately happy. Lots of new members! And I'm not an OT3 kind of person in general, so I don't know if I'd go that far with it, but I do love the whole Gou-Nagisa-Rei thing.

What I wanted to see though? Was Makoto making Nagisa the new captain. It was kind of vague to me and I couldn't tell if he or Rei was supposed to be captain. I wanted Nagisa because he works damn hard, the club was his idea, he was the only one to successfully recruit a new member (and one who couldn't even swim!), he's enthusiastic and can get people fired up, and he has more competitive swimming experience than Rei. But Rei is totally more organized. So, yeah. Either way. But I wanted an official declaration of Captain Nagisa.

 photo 13resize13.jpg
 photo 13resize14.jpg

I'm going to be so bummed to not see Rin and Haru in the actual Olympics.

Damn, I'm going to miss these kids.
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