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it's not such a cruel summer after all - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
it's not such a cruel summer after all
Over on 4chan or whatever D likes to participate in "best of season" type threads after the latest batch of anime. Since I have no interest in navigating that place, I'll do my "best of" here.

The shows we watched this summer, from best to... least good.

Free! Eternal Summer (Winner: Best Ending Sequence)
Sword Art Online II*
Ao Haru Ride (Winner: Best Opening Theme)
Akame ga Kill* (Winner: Best Show I Expected to Hate)
Futsu no Joshikosei ga Locodol Yattemita
Sailor Moon Crystal*
Momo Kyun Sword
Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun (Winner: Worst Show I Expected to Like)
Rail Wars** (Winner: Best Squandering of a Decent Premise)

*Still on-going
**Did not finish

Actually that middle section could be shuffled (Hanayamata, Locodol, Sailor Moon)--there's not a lot of separation between them. Everything from Free down to Locodol I really enjoyed.

This year there's just been a lot of really good stuff (Black Bullet, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, etc). I'm curious to see what the fall brings. D's got a bunch of series picked out, plus the new season of Log Horizon!

Oh, and I do hope my girl Asuna gets to do something in SAO soon besides sit around like a worried wife. She's a badass! Use that!

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heavenly_pearl From: heavenly_pearl Date: October 1st, 2014 04:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Aw, you didn't like "Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun"? I thought it was cute and hilarious! But I agree with you that "Free! Eternal Summer" was my favorite show this season and pretty much has one of my favorite ending sequences, period. Then again, I only watched those two shows, "Sailor Moon Crystal", and "Space Dandy", so it's not like there was a whole lot of competition. (Oh, and "RWBY" if you want to count that as anime, which I don't really do. Just anime-inspired.)

I need to look into the fall shows and see if there's anything that looks interesting.

Edited at 2014-10-01 04:33 am (UTC)
mellowcandle From: mellowcandle Date: October 1st, 2014 02:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nah, it didn't work for me. It reminded me of what little I read of Ouran Host Club: a one-note joke with annoying, unlikeable characters. I only stuck with it because D wanted to see it through.
cal_reflector From: cal_reflector Date: October 3rd, 2014 02:54 am (UTC) (Link)
How is Locodol? I've heard a few good things about it.

Didn't watch Hanayatama, but it had a great OP.
mellowcandle From: mellowcandle Date: October 3rd, 2014 07:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Locodol basically falls under the "cute girls doing cute things" umbrella. I liked it more than I thought I would.
4 pathetic excuses or justify your existence