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forty hours

So of course being gone for days means we're behind on all our shows, both regular TV and all the new anime D's picked out for us (and the stuff that's still running like SAO and Akame), plus the rewatch of Tamako Market. We're watching like five shows at a time racing to catch up. There are not enough hours in the day!

I'm caught up on Nashville and Revenge at least (though I hated last year's finale reveal, I've decided to just go with it--if it wants to be full on campy soap with people returning from the dead, fine), but haven't gotten to New Girl or The Mindy Project yet. The best thing New Girl did was break up Jess/Nick, so the first couple episodes this year seem much stronger, but now that Danny/Mindy is eating up TMP, it's really losing me. That pairing just does not work for me at all. They're too different, and sorry, Danny could do much better.

There are some new shows I've been wanting to check out that I haven't gotten to yet, like Selfie, even though I loathe the word "selfie" as much as I loathe the phrase "gender reveal party", but the ads have amused me every time.

And is Disney changing their morning schedule? I thought there was supposed to be a new Sofia this morning, but there's not. It's usually rerun on Saturday mornings, and it's showing listed for tomorrow, so... have they eliminated the Friday morning first-run? 7:30 is too early to expect me to get up on a Saturday!
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