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We made popcorn and finally buzzed through the last five episodes of Tamako Market this afternoon, so that's off the plate.

And we've watched most of the first episodes of the new anime season from D's list, but now the second episodes are piling up.

And Bob's Burgers apparently started without me noticing.

Dammit, we will never get caught up.

I did watch the pilot episode of Selfie with my coffee this morning. The airplane scene was awful (and when I saw her carrying those bulging sick bags down the aisle, let's just say I've watched enough Tosh.0 to know what was coming and looked away), but it got better after that. It'll be interesting to see how/if the premise can be sustained, but so far, John Cho's Henry is my favorite character on pretty much any show right now. Someone who disdains the whole YouTwitFace culture as much as I do!*

*Seriously, we were at the football game yesterday, and it's amazing how many people were focused on their phones/devices. One woman in front of me was watching a different game on hers during the game**, and the man next to her had a device in each hand at one point. I said to D, "I'm beginning to think ADD is a learned behavior." He said I'm not wrong.

**I'll admit when I was in high school in the dark ages, I'd try to take my Sony Watchman to football games, but I was in the band and was forced to be there, and I hated giving up my Friday nights to sit in the bleachers in the cold, and I hated football, and our team sucked.

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