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kill the bad vibes

D was reading the Akame ga Kill thread, and apparently people have Chelsea on deathwatch? Um, am I the only one worried about Lubbock? Back when he was getting very little facetime, I told D, look out, once they give him a backstory, the clock is ticking. Then on the new episode he says, "When this is all over, I'll tell her how I feel." DUDE DO YOU WANT TO DIE?

It's too bad Run is evil. I don't usually like winged characters, because cliche much, but boy is hot. Still waiting for Wave to realize he's on the wrong side and defect. D loves Esdeath because of course he does and made me screencap her for his wallpaper.

So far I've got hopes for the new SAO arc. GGO was interesting and stuff, but I want the whole gang questing and adventuring. I was sick of seeing Asuna sitting around like an astronaut's wife. And Klein! I don't know why I love Klein. D previously had Sinon wallpaper, and now that she's a freaking cat girl, he might switch back. And he wants a Sinon figure for Christmas. Good luck with that!

The new girl on Log Horizon is reminding me of Sophia from Chunnibyou. And did Naotsugu/Marie become a thing when I wasn't looking, or did I just forget? I did kinda ship them last season.


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