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Lubbock. Dude. In a world where backstory=death, how are you still alive? Hang in there, baby! You and Leone are my dream team, okay?

Still loving the new SAO arc, too. Klein making time with an NPC is perfect. She's pretty and he's lonely! Not everyone's as lucky as the adorable Kirito/Asuna and their likewise perfect reaction:

 photo 5a573483-1e03-475d-9ca0-5a65f59b13ce.jpg

And D finally got to see his precious Tamako Market movie. It was cute but extremely paint-by-numbers.

We've also been watching Kawai Complex (Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou) on demand and it is absolutely hilarious. I don't know how we missed it back in the spring. I want to be Sayaka when I grow up. I do have to call bullshit on one thing, though. In my experience, teenage boys are not into bookworms.
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