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shouldn't talk about it

I've been staring at these same two paragraphs of HF for days.

I started reading a book last week and got to page 33 before giving up. I thought, "This must be what it's like to read my writing." There was hardly any narrative description, things just kind of jumped around, the dialogue was probably supposed to be quippy but just came across like a bunch of non sequiturs because there was no context for anything. I couldn't connect to a single thing happening.

So I guess that's why I'm trying so hard with these paragraphs, even if the description is generic, at least it's there.

But I need to get on with the next section, and I'm just not feeling it. If I can't summon interest in what's happening, how am I to expect anyone else to?

And since that one Gou/Nagisa thing I started had to be trashed because canon screwed me over, as it does, I've started something else for them to basically fix that "Gou can't swim" bullshit, because seriously? First of all, I'm supposed to believe that after everything with Rei, it never came up before? And you cannot tell me that Papa Matsuoka didn't have both of those babies in the water from the moment they could hold their own heads up. I get that she's not athletic--neither am I; I am the opposite of athletic, I was put in the second lowest swimming group in gym class because I refused to dive (I have a weird phobia about cracking my skull/breaking my neck, which is the same reason I sucked at gymnastics), but I still love to swim. I'm giving her a reason for having lied about it, which might work. Or might not. I just want them in the pool together!
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