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six good reasons to stay home and bolt the door

You know, I understand retail is a crappy job, but for the love of God, if you're going to do it, fucking do it right.

At the supermarket our cashier was so busy chatting with the bagger that she made at least three mistakes with our transaction, and then was like, "Well, go to Customer Service and they'll fix it." If you've read Talk to the Hand like we have, you understand why our silent reaction was, "Why is it on us to fix your mistake?"

And then the customer service lady acted like we were putting her out and trying to pull some sort of scam trying to get our charges sorted out.

Normally we don't bother with the "How did we do today" survey links on the bottom of receipts, and what a surprise, this store is one of the few that doesn't have that, so we went on their website and found where to register our displeasure. (And given that their slogan is "Where shopping is a pleasure", don't think we didn't find this ironic.)

Then after we hit submit and sat for a while, D said, "You know, now I'll feel like an asshole if that girl gets fired."

I said, "But she should have been paying attention instead of chatting."

He said I'm right, but still. It sucks that the customer's made to feel like a jerk for expecting the most basic, competent service. It's not rocket surgery.
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