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like a son of a gun

Man, and all our anime was depressing this weekend, too. Even the ones with "happy" endings had their depressing moments, like SAO (I love you, Asuna, and thank you, show, for remembering that she and Kirito and Yui are my OTFamily; they're best together, and they've been segregated into separate plots too much) and Donten ni Warau.

Can we keep dark!Mamo-chan on Sailor Moon though? It's like he got exponentially hotter.

Of course last weekend we had the last episode of Akame ga Kill, and I knew it was going to be bad, but wow. Bastards for teasing Tatsumi/Mine, like, "Haha, wouldn't this be funny?" then actually doing it, then killing them both! BOTH! I knew pretty much everyone would die, but didn't think they'd kill Tatsumi too, since he was ostensibly the main character. Pissed me off that Esdeath thought she had any claim to him even in death. And my Leone! Just when I thought she'd made it through. Congratulations on probably the highest main character body count since Fushigi Yuugi. Damn.

At least tonight we've got Sanzoku no Musume Ronja. Ronja is just about the cutest girl of all time. Even D was like, "I need some cute and loose characters. Why are my shows bringing me down?"

I guess Log Horizon wasn't too bad yesterday. I've missed my Team Drink* this year, though.

*Team Drink: A subset of supporting characters in a series, usually younger than the main characters, often seen as a group and occasionally having their own storyline or focus episode. See: Azusa/Ui/Jun on K-ON or Minori/Touya/Rudy/Isuzu/Serara on Log Horizon. Usage: "I wasn't crazy about the way Gou, Nagisa, and Rei got kind of Team Drinked in Free!Eternal Summer."

"Team Drink" is an old inside joke around here from a time D and my dad played golf with two guys who called themselves "Team Drink", and it's stuck as an expression, though I couldn't tell you why/how we started using it in this way.
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