L-chan (mellowcandle) wrote,

girl meets third world

At 9:15 am, about an hour before our company was due to arrive, the water main broke. Again. We've been without water all day. On Christmas.

I was able to serve most of the dinner I had planned because of the cooking I did yesterday, but I have a kitchen full of dishes I can't wash.

Not to mention we haven't brushed our teeth and can't take a shower.

We called throughout the day for updates, which they couldn't give, until finally at 10:30 pm they'd apparently just given up for the day and fuck all of us, it might be back on in the morning.

D managed to stay calm with the guy, because it's not his fault, but wanted it on record that we wouldn't be paying our bill this month, given that this is like the THIRD time in a year we've had to deal with this bullshit. We live in the damn suburbs, not the middle of fucking nowhere.

I'm not going to be able to sleep knowing my counters are covered with dirty dishes.

D says this is a sign from God that our decision to move is the right one.

We're done here.

We're so done.

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