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not the decider

So to complicate matters, D went to Game Stop yesterday and found they're having a deal on used/refurbed PS3s through this weekend, and they've got one of the old ones that's backwards compatible with PS2 games.

Now I don't know if I should get a new one or pick up this deal, which would save me $80 (and they offer a standard 30 day return policy, plus sell 1- and 2-year extended warranties) so that we can remain a 2-console house and get rid of the old PS2. Really the only PS2 game I want to hang onto at this point is ToA.

Ugh, too many things to think about.

Does anybody know any good/bad things about these original PS3 models? D said if it was going to break, it would have done so long before now, as things do--they either break right away or last forever, there's usually no in-between. We never did have the famous red-ring-of-death problem with our XBox, but we didn't get one of the original releases, either.

Oh, now googling found me this:

Be aware that there are some PS2 games that are only partially compatible and are known to have issues during gameplay. Here's a partial list of popular titles:

And ToA is listed. Maybe it would be better to hang onto the PS2, but it seems silly to keep it for one game. I'm never going to bother hooking it up to play one game. It's currently set up in here to use D's computer monitor instead of the TV, and I never use it.

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