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not really accomplished but

Final play time for Dragon Age Inquisition came in around 137 hours.

I tried to pretty much touch everything. I only finished one mosaic somehow. And so I found the final boss battle too easy, because it recommended levels 16-19, and I was level 24.

D said, well, if you did everything, then would you play it again?

I said sure, although not anytime soon, because there's always different choices to make. For example, I saved Hawke, because HAWKE (and Varric would have been sad. Varric/Hawke are the BroTP forever, even when Hawke's a girl.), and I told Leliana that I wouldn't support her as the Divine (and I love my Lele, but I thought Cassandra had the better plan, but Leliana becomes the Divine no matter what? I guess? because the epilogue said she was). And I let Morrigan take the power from the Well because I didn't know if it would kill me or what. and other stuff.

I loved the romance with Cullen, though, and can't imagine picking someone else. Finally, someone who sleeps with you and is HAPPY after instead of "OMG what did I just do I have to go now kthxbye" like Isabela and Fenris in the last game.

And the Wicked Grace card game scene was the best.

So the post-credits thing, then... there's either going to be an expansion or a fourth game.

Looking forward to some DLC.
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