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I'm tryin not to hear that, see

So.... we're not supposed to ship Maya/Josh, then?

I mean, it's good that he said he's too old for her, because he's right. But the part of me that watches too much anime thinks, "13 and 16? That's not insurmountable! This may be the most appropriate thing I ship!"

Of course Maya has chemistry with everyone. I think it's pretty amazing, though, that they took a character who barely existed in Boy Meets World and, in two episodes, made him, if not well-rounded and fleshed-out, at least interesting and charming. Josh's pretty adorable, I say as someone old enough to be his mother.

Yeah, I'll ship it. I don't care.

More Shawn next week? Oh, hell yeah. I know this show isn't for me, but I. Can't. Hear. You.
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