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I've been cleaning though!

Oh, I never completed my pathetic reading tally for the end of the year. I haven't been reading much, and I haven't been writing at all. So one book and one manga in November, and one whole manga in December:

An Uncommon Education by Elizabeth Percer

Sword Art Online: Aincrad
Happy Marriage?! v9

I got An Uncommon Education as a member appreciation book through PBS--it was described as something for people who enjoyed The Secret History or Special Topics in Calamity Physics and then... was nothing like those. And it took me forever to get through, not because it was bad, but worse--because it was boring. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen.

I did just finish a book I'd started back in November to be my "based on a true story" for the bingo thing, so at least I'll have that this month. Maybe I shouldn't keep track anymore. I'm not even going to add up last year. It's just kind of depressing how much I'm not reading.
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