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previews ruin everything?

Seriously, why so much drama in my Ronja? We knew it had to come to a head sooner or later, though, our little chibi Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter, and of course Mattis is all butthurt because his tiny daughter is a bigger man than he is. Why did last week's preview spoil her jumping over Hell's Gap, though? Talk about a Crowning Moment of Awesome for our girl. Would've been even more so if we hadn't known it was coming.

And next week.... are we running away together? Adventures please!

 photo ronjaresize.jpg

And speaking of adventures please, Team Drink is finally going on a quest!

 photo logresize.jpg

I'm so excited for this. Of course, I enjoyed just watching them shop and pack.

What I really loved is Tohya and Isuzu having a scene together and learning some more about them, and letting them bond a little. Not in a shipping way, but because I love when series with interesting casts lets the characters team up in different combinations and form their own relationships with each other. You get to see different aspects of them that way, and it makes the world richer as a result. Combining their quest with a music tour of the villages is going to be so much fun.

Oh, and meanwhile, over on the new episode of Girl Meets World, Maya turned fourteen. FOURTEEN. Joshua, bubba, that sound you hear is me giving you the all clear on this one. GO FOR IT.

Haha on Shawn though. I love Shawn, because everyone loves Shawn, but he looks like a mini Deacon Claybourne. I just can't take him seriously as an adult. I can't take Cory seriously as an adult, either, so.

And, really, show? The Nighthawk Diner? That's been parodied so much that the joke...... actually, has it maybe come back around to clever again? It's not like kids get it. Except kids like me, who enjoyed playing Masterpiece. Because I was a dork.

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