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we've got a long way to go and a short time to get there

Well, we're doing it.

We've spent the last couple of weeks cleaning--we did the closets back in September and knew we'd tackle the garage in January when the weather was cool enough, before we decided to move--and met with our local realtor last week. She's the same one we were going to use back in 08 before that all fell through, so she came by and saw some of the updates we've done, gave some suggestions on things we still should do, and we let her know our plan and all that so she could recommend someone down in Florida.

And D talked to the Florida realtor this morning, and we've made a tentative appointment with him in two weeks.

Once we get an apartment down there and have all our stuff moved out, then we can have the painting and carpeting done, and we can get this place listed. We want to sell first which should give us at least $60K for a down payment, God willing.

We told D's mom and her husband at dinner Saturday. D was dreading telling her, because these days you never know what she's going to take personally, but she seemed okay with it. Not happy, but supportive.

I called and left a message with my parents this morning telling them we have some news to share so call us back.

So it's happening, I guess.

I put mood as "anxious" because while we're excited and happy about this change, man, is it going to be a lot of work to get it done in the next few weeks. I mean, we hope to be moved out by the end of February.


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