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one down, a billion to go

All right, first hurdle cleared: we had our garage sale this weekend. Made $280. That's right---not only did people willingly haul away our crap, they paid us for the privilege. WINNING!

 photo capitalistsuperiority.gif

I was especially glad to see that stationary bike go. Ugh, of the devil it was. And someone bought all D's old PC games, and someone else bought all my old Animerica and Newtype magazines. Those bitches were heavy.

We spent Sunday going through what was left in a lightning-round version of Keep Trash Donate, which isn't nearly as much fun as Kill Shag Marry.

So good and bad going on. We've been stressed and snappy with each other, partly moving stress, partly not sleeping well (I was on the couch two nights last week with my insomnia--even a otc sleeping pill didn't help), partly PMS. But whatever, we're dealing.

Yesterday our agent came over and had us fill out the preliminary listing paperwork, plus someone was over to bid the painting job, and someone else for the carpeting. Ugh, lots of money to lay out, but whatever it takes to get it sold, right?

Next week to Florida to look at apartments.

D's like, "I'm never going to get another chapter of your story, am I?" Dude, I do not have the mental energy to write right now. It was about half-finished when you threw this whole "Hey, let's move to Florida" thing in my lap, and that's what I'm focused on.

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