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it's a girls

Mom called this morning to let us know that my sister had her twins yesterday. They admitted her early for a c-section, and my mom was in Florida visiting my grandma and had to fly back to Indianapolis in a hurry, only to find out stupid Obama was in town and fucking everything up as he does, like, dude, why are you even here, don't you know more important things are happening?

So I ordered some presents from their registry, plus our favorite new classic children's books, I Want My Hat Back and This is not My Hat, which I know my conservative brother-in-law will love.

(I hadn't bought presents before because I've gotten superstitious about buying baby presents before the baby(ies) are born, because God forbid something go wrong, you know? I read too much internets and have read too many sad stories, but still.)

I also got an invitation to my Godparents' daughter's shower yesterday, and I'm going to wait on presents there, too, but at least I'll send my Godmother an email to say why I very obviously won't be attending. She's also having twins. Must be something in the water up there. Hey, better them than me.

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