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eastbound and down

We put in an application on an apartment and were approved. Eh, it's an apartment, nothing special, but it's in a good part of town.

Our move-in date is the 25th, which means we have less than two weeks to get our stuff together, all phone calls made, trucks reserved, etc.

D called his mom on the drive home this afternoon to keep her posted, and she was all, "Just hire a full-service moving company." Ummm, it's 300 miles. Do you know what that will cost? We're renting a truck that D will drive while I play Bandit for him, but we're hiring people on both ends to load and unload. We're NOT paying guys to sit in a truck for five hours, plus mileage.

Our agent down there also took us around to look at a few houses, just to get a feel for the neighborhoods, and... I felt like I was on Property Brothers, only with no Jonathan to show me the magic of reno. I mean, I could see potential there, but it seemed like an impossible amount of work. I'm thinking of what our agent here recommended we do to sell our house, and so it's kind of astonishing to see the bad condition these places are in. (I thought the same thing when we looked at some houses in our area for sale to see what our competition was, and they hadn't been updated at all, or if they had, kinda half-assed.)

Anyway, we're going to be super busy for the next month as we get moved and settled. I just want it to be over with so we can swim! THERE'S A POOL! TWO POOLS! AND DUCKS!

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