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oh, mom

We lived on the cheap for the last month to justify a quick FL-resident-discount trip to Universal on our way down to visit my grandma this past week. We got a great rate at their "budget" resort and two-day park tickets to check out stuff that was new since the last time we visited, like the Diagon Alley section and the Transformers ride (even though I know nothing about Transformers other than they're all gay for each other--thank you, internet!)

We were about to leave the park after a long day and had stopped at Margaritaville to rest our feet and have a drink when we got a text from my mom. (Ugh, yes, we have texting now--when we moved we had to change our phone plan, which sucked, because we had an ancient cheap plan that worked for us, but they managed to give us something similar for just a bit more without putting us under contract). Anyway, mom writes "Grandma is sick. Will fill you in when you call."

WHAT? Right? So I call all in a panic, what's wrong with Grandma, is she in the hospital, we're supposed to be there in two days does she still want us to come.... and of course my mom in Indiana only has partial information that she got from her brother, who wasn't there either because he's visiting his son in Tennessee, and all this is second- and third- hand information, so I call my grandma and say, "I hear you're not feeling well" and she says, "How did you hear that???"

Turns out she had some inflammation probably due to a new medication her doctor put her on for arthritis, and she was in a bunch of pain, but she had an appointment with her doctor the next day to see if they could sort it out. She said yes, still come, she just might not be very spry (she's almost 92, God bless her).

When we get there she's got her medication fixed and feels a little better, by the next day she's better still, and so on. So my mom got us all in a panic for nothing, and my grandma says this is why she doesn't like to tell people when she's got a little problem, because the phone lines burn up from Florida to Indiana with everyone spreading not-quite-accurate information.

So anyway, we had a really nice visit with her, and I'm glad we went, but Mom? THIS IS WHY WE DIDN'T WANT TEXTING. IT ONLY CAUSES PROBLEMS.

We got back yesterday and today D's mom and her husband are coming to visit. They're not staying with us but I still need to clean because they'll be here in a couple hours. I'm just trying to wake up first. Didn't feel like cleaning after a seven hour drive yesterday, you know?

The good news is there's a contract on our house, so if everything goes well, we'll close on May 22 and that means we only overlap paid a mortgage and rent for two months. When we get our money, then we'll be able to look for our new house in earnest with a nice down payment ready to go.

But that means in a couple days we'll be driving back up to Alabama with my MIL and renting another uhaul to get the rest of the stuff out of the house to put in a storage unit down here. More driving, more work, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Fingers crossed that this sale doesn't fall through. We've still got the inspection and financing approval pending.
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