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free and freaky

Ugh, I barely even look at the computer these days except for house listings and bill paying.

Let's see.

We're officially free of the state of Alabama. The sale of our house went through--not without some stress and sleepless nights and outlays of cash on our part, which, hi, you're buying it, why are we paying you--and while we got a little less than we'd hoped, we knew it was better to take the offer and get out rather than continue to pay the mortgage and utilities waiting for something better.

Since we wanted to be present at the closing, we used that as an excuse to make a trip up to Indiana to see my family and all the babies.

Yes, we got to see all four babies. It's so weird that my sister and my godparents' daughter are ten years apart in age, but their twins are only a month apart. They had their first little "playdate" at my parents' house when we all got together for dinner and baby-seeing.

We also got to hang out with the OG niece and nephew, who are as tall as I am now, which, how did that happen.

And we told everyone of our adventures down here in the sunshine state and why we made the choice we did, and everyone seemed happy for us and a little jealous.

But when we talked about what we were looking for in a house, and D said he wanted a pool, every time my mom would go, "Oh, you don't want a pool. They're a lot of money and a lot of work." I finally said, "So are kids, but we'd rather have a pool." For real, does anyone ever reply to "We're thinking of having kids" with "Oh, you don't want kids. They're a lot of money and a lot of work."

Mom also asked, "Is is weird coming back here and thinking 'I used to live here'?" I said, um, no? I went away to college when I was 18, moved in with D when I was 22, that hasn't been my house in almost 20 years. I lived in our Birmingham house longer than I lived in my parents' house.

So houses. We've been looking and D's got his heart set on one in this area, but.... it's old, and a lot of things would need replacing. It's also a two-story, which I've tried to tell him I do. not. want. because I grew up in a two-story, and I know that means hauling laundry and the vacuum up and down and up and down for the rest of my life. It also has a tiny "master" bathroom, and after 17 years of a tiny master bathroom, I thought we agreed we didn't want that situation again. But looking at it, it's possible that we could do some renovations to turn the master, its bathroom, and an adjoining bedroom into a big master suite, which our realtor said was a good idea and would actually add value to that older house. But do I really want to do that kind of work?

When we could just build new and get what we want. But the neighborhood I'm looking at is out of town a bit. Bigger lot, new construction, but now you're far away from everything. We're going to meet with those people this weekend to get an idea of floorplans, though building would take about five months, and D's afraid of not making a decision soon enough, losing out on the one he likes, plus going into another down market, as it's due for a correction, and interest rates will only go up.

We're also meeting with a mortgage guy next week. We called our previous mortgage company about getting preapproved, and they acted like it would be next to impossible. Yeah, our stellar 800+ credit rating and 17 years of mortgage history don't mean anything. It's all about debt-to-income ratio. But... we don't have any debt! Our cars are paid for, our house was sold and paid off, all we have is a few hundred on our AMEX which we pay off on time every month. "Sorry, you don't have sustainable income" because we live off D's trust fund. So whatever. We've talked to a local guy as a contact through our realtor who sounds like he's going to go through all our stuff from the past three years and give us a much better chance.

Geez, there's more stuff too, like D and his mom are still in a fight, and my parents called this morning to say they want to come visit in a couple weeks, and all that, but I have to go make dinner. D tried to figure out what I was typing so much because I just don't turn on the computer unless we're downloading anime.

I'll try to do better.
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