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time to make a pro-con list?

Met with the agent down at the development I like today. Now, this was an area D originally said he was interested in, until he got used to living on the NE side of town like a couple of hoity-toities. This would be south of town, but we checked it and it's only 9 miles to the nearest Publix shopping center; not as far as he liked to say. It will be far to go to the mall/movies/target, but the south side of town is pretty undeveloped, so who knows what it'll look like five, ten years from now.

He might be coming back to my side. When we first looked at this development a couple months ago, we were really impressed. Everything would be new, our choices, energy efficient, etc, for the same price as the one up here he likes that's 40 years old. Nice size lot, too, with plenty of separation from neighbors on the sides and even a conservation buffer area behind. The one up here does already have a pool though. But once we reno the upstairs, put in all new floors, all new windows, new pool liner, and all that, how much is it really gonna cost us?

We've got numbers to crunch.

Still meeting with the mortgage guy on Wednesday about financing options, especially if we go with a construction loan.
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